Posted by: Pablo | July 3, 2010

Things I used to do…

When I was a kid, I used to draw.  It killed off many hours of my childhood.  However, it never came naturally to me and I did not stick with it past high school.  I wish I was better at it because it is an awesome way to unleash creativity.  In case you are wondering what kind of shit I drew, most of it had something to do with comic book and or Dragon Ball Z characters.  Seriously, the best artwork involves muscular men of some sorts.  This is just a fact of life.

I used to play fighting games competitively.  I love fighting games.  The concept of the fighting game is beautifully simple.  Execution and strategy wins.  Some characters have advantages over others and that is what keeps things interesting.  For examples of this look no further than tournament footage of Marvel vs Capcom 2 or Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Unfortunately, these games are old as hell.  The scene has moved on to this weak ass user friendly generation of fighting games.  For examples of these weak ass games see Super Street Fighter IV and the soon to be released Marvel vs Capcom 3.  These games have horrible universal mechanics which dumb down everything that makes fighting games great (like ST).  Players are given way too many options.  Let us look at SFIV for example.  Slow ass game speed.  Check.  Ultras AND Super combos?! Check.  Dumbed down input windows.  Check.  Focus attacks. Check.  Great.  We are left with a shitty and boring ass game that turns into a turtling exhibition.  No thanks.  This silly ass “new generation” of players has no fucking clue as to what a real fighting game is supposed to play like.  Then you have those who have been playing fighters for as long as I have kind of just riding along the hype train of these new games going through the motions for the sake of keeping the genre alive.  I guess it all had to end at some point.  I refuse to make myself like these new games.  What is the point of a hobby if you don’t enjoy it?  If you want to play some real fighting games on real arcade boards then come see me at the crib. That is all there is to it.

I used to drink a lot.  It ran its course.  While I have no regrets of all the stupid shit that occurred because of my alcohol consumption it is not the type of thing I want to keep doing in my spare time.  A few drinks here and there is all good but if you expect to see a “performance” like in the past do not count on it.  I just don’t like weird place where I am in control, but then not really.  I can get myself into enough trouble without the alcohol assist.


In case you are wondering, yes I am still training MMA.  Still with boxing and wrestling.  I will be starting submission wrestling and kick boxing later this month.  So far so good.  The only thing that has irked me is not being consistent with attendance.  Some things would always come up but I am stopping that from now on.  Four days a week at the minimum.  Thankfully no major injuries.  My nose has yet to be broken so that is also nice.



  1. I bet kick boxing ‘conditioning’ will pwn you.

    E.Honda SF2 ftw

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