Posted by: Pablo | March 4, 2010


Yup. I finally did it. Words escape me. I cannot fully describe the satisfaction MMA has brought me. There was definitely a void within. Overall, these are good times. I got myself a hardbody queen, and finally got to do what I have wanted to do for years. Awesome. MMA has filled this weird little void within me. I didn’t really need it, but something inside of me sure as hell wanted it. Some people have some kind of outlet. For years I never really had a means to express myself, but now, it’s all there. School kept me occupied. Work is…work.


Now this is some good stuff. We usually do some warm up drills. First go ahead I was just copying whatever other people were doing. A “fish out of water” is the perfect description. My just do it attitude got me through this, which is great. I often take such an attitude for granted. Reminders of my willingness to try new things are always nice.

First day there we started with just practicing wrist control. I could really use a handout, or something to study here because this all new stuff for me. Please believe I am hitting up MMA tracker for some reading material. Then we drilled for the arms and then moving up to neck holds. Again, I had no clue as to what I was doing. The other people were cool though and gave me pointers. The final third of the session was just wrestling incorporating everything we practiced. By this point I was gassed. My shirt was soaked through. There was some other dude there. Swoll to the max. He was on the ground panting for several minutes. I guess those muscles came back to haunt him. I wasn’t really in a position to start clowning though. At this point pride was the only thing keeping me standing. I got tossed around.

Some other stuff I have been learning is really basic. Single legs and some throws. By the end of the session I am exhausted. It feels like I am about to puke every damn time. To make things worse, they do some messed up things like make us do pushups or pull ups in between live wrestling rounds. I feel like I am getting better but it will be a while before I get out of scrub status.

It really wasn’t until recently that I leave practice without any major pain. First few weeks I was limping. Even the simplest of motions were painful. Sometimes it was hard to drive and check my blind spots. Walking down stairs was ridiculous. It was as if I was an old man. But now, I am good. Aside from soreness and random bruising across my body nothing too bad has happened. I just need to work on my technique. Most dudes there have either wrestled at some point and are just bigger than me. It doesn’t bother me too much. Most of the time during live wrestling I am defending takedowns since most guys can sort of push me around. Obviously I need more mat time so not stressing about getting my ass kicked.


Alright, now this was the shit. Better than I imagined. It almost doesn’t make sense how something that on paper appears simple can be so complex. Even though it is just your hands dishing out the damage there is a multitude of things going on here. You got baits, parries, slips, head movement, combos and a crap load of defense to think about. The training itself consisted of some drills. I was seriously hoping they would cover basic things like throwing a good jab but that was not the case. Our warm up was jump rope. I haven’t jumped rope since middle school and back then I sucked. Imagine me, a grown ass man with arms fully extended trying to get this goddamn rope over my head. It looked horrible but thankfully I am well past getting embarrassed. You just need to fucking do it.

The only bad thing that has happened so far is that some stocky ass dude, who I think is new, blasted me in the face with quite possibly the hardest punch I had ever taken. My nose immediately started bleeding, but it wasn’t broken. I have yet to punch full power but maybe I should start. Like in wrestling, my technique is too poor to worry about landing perfect KO shots. Just getting acclimated to sparring is my focus. It is a ton of fun despite how fucked up my face looks the next day.


I was talking with a friend the other day about why I put myself through this stuff. As previously mentioned, something inside me needs this. Working out is boring. It gets old really quick. Jogging is relaxing and great for you, but again, unless I got some good music to keep me distracted there is no motivation to do it. I don’t know, maybe I never really found a good workout regimen to keep me excited. I was never into team sports. I loved basketball as a kid, but when I picked up Kenpo with Master Allen’s crazy ass I had a blast. It felt right. Since joining the MMA gym I find myself ridiculously satisfied every time I go in. I guess this is my version of “Fight Club”. My needs are extremely basic and primitive in nature. It is also better than punching myself in the face to feel alive.  I mean shit, someone else would gladly do that for me! When you are on the verge of puking and you still got one more round to go against a man who is trying to slam you on your head, you find out what you are really made of. I cherish the opportunity to push myself to the limit. In the gym, everything makes sense.



  1. sounds like good times to me. i recommend keeping a book on all of the grappling techniques you learn so you don’t forget.

    you rolling live already? are you matched up randomly or what? if so, i foresee a lot of tap-tap-tapping in your near future.
    boxing is cool too, but you should be a natural at that Pablo Cesar Chavez

  2. This was a BAWSE post. I’ve wanted to get into boxing for awhile now.

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