Posted by: Pablo | February 5, 2009

213 2008

Yeah very late, but I need to address my trip to Los Angeles. Let’s do this.

I should have done this the week after, but too much shit had been going on top of the holidays. Not to mention those seven days of non-stop drinking. Thank you snow days, good shit.

First off, I am not even sure how such a trip came about. Raymond just randomly mentioned it to me. He had wanted to visit Tomas down in LA and get bitches, so of course I agreed. Didn’t even think twice about it, that is just how I get down. He cops the tickets and things get in motion. We leave December 10th and get down there late in the evening. My main nig Tomas a.k.a. “the Darkness” came at us full force, rolling through with the Ford Fusion rental car. Surprisingly, the car was not packed full of bitches. After all, Ford seemed to have designed it to be a pussy magnet. If you have never seen one, it looks like an American car trying really hard to look non-American, yet fails miserably. There is a dial for accent lighting along the center console, red, blue, green, and purple. Yeah, it looks tacky as fuck. Sad, because you know some dipshit designer thought this would come across as classy. And they wonder why the Big Three need bailout money.

Anyway, we get picked up and we are rolling deep in the 213. A certain someone was feigning for a certain type of burger. These burgers are alright, nothing amazing. What was their name again? Oh, I remember. In ‘n Out, the most overrated burgers in the history of the universe. Don’t get it twisted, they are good, but no where near as incredible as people make them out to be. Get me a Dick’s Deluxe or a Double Bacon Cheeseburger from Kid Valley and call it day. 206 represent.

We cruise around a bit more and end up at Tomas’ crib which was in a premium location. Fantastic. We call it a night because the Darkness needs his rest. The next day we take Tomas to work. Raymond and I had the whip for the entire day. We start off easy, by going to a taco shop for breakfast. Yes, breakfast, that is how we roll. We then head towards Venice Beach. It was early in the morning, so there was not much activity. It looked exactly as how imagined after all the Baywatch I had watched during middle school. The beach itself is massive and it feels like you need to walk through a mile of sand before you even reach the water. Muscle beach was cool to see in person. That was pretty much it. We then made got back on Pacific Coast Highway and drove for a long ass time. Nice highway no doubt. We saw Pepperdine University that looks like it is in the middle of nowhere. The campus huge with acres of incredibly green grass which is impressive considering everything around it is nothing but sand and dirt. They must have at least four Mexicans landscaping that shit on the regular. We kept going north on PCH and ended up in Santa Monica. Or rather, Santa Monica High School, since we scope out only the finest jailbait imaginable. OK, we were not specifically looking for a high school. We just sort of ended up there when we were looking at some of the crazy ass houses owned by rich white people. It was only until we stumbled upon the high school that we drove through the parking lot just to get a sense of the place. Dudes were hella mean muggin’, but they can’t see me though.

We then got back on PCH and headed to UCLA. We found a parking spot what seemed to be eight miles away from campus. I considered this to be our luck day. The campus was very nice. We walked around for a bit. Raymond even had time to insult a bronze bear statue with some UW shorts. Lots of females. I swear, the Socal weather forces bitches to stay in shape, and I like it that way. Afterwards, we went to the most random place ever…Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley. Yes, it was awesome. I felt kind of bad for Raymond since we drove HELLA far to get there. I guess it was alright because we had sort of run out of ideas. Denjin is the best arcade I have ever seen. Unfortunately it was kind of empty. I played a few dudes in SFIV for a bit which was nice. No Marvel players unfortunately. Highly recommended if you throw down on the sticks and happen to be in the area. We then got dinner #1 at Carl’s J.R., where I always order that rodeo burger, you know, the one with the bbq sauce and onion rings. Too beast. One thing I finally noticed firsthand is that California highways seem to go on forever. You need to drive at least forty-five minutes at 70mph to get anywhere. That was the end of our driving adventure. We ended the evening by picking up Christine at the airport. Raymond and I had already started drinking. I don’t really remember the rest of the evening.

The next day was tight. Tomas hooked it up with passes to the Warner Brothers lot. Better than a tour, since we had the chance to just walk around everywhere. The most amazing thing was seeing the trailers for the cast of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I wanted to take pictures, but I didn’t want to come across as a mark. We also peaked into several sound stages. We even got to see the really big one that shows up at the beginning of every WB movie. Awesome.

Later that night we hit up a bar close to the crib. Raymond reminded me that we started drinking early that night, I believe it was when we went to go pick up Christine. Yeah, now I remember. We drank vodka from out the trunk. To make matters worse, while driving, we saw signs warning of police check points up ahead. What the fuck man, bullshit. For some reason, it was decided that I chug the bottle of vodka/OJ. Great, drunk already. What else is new? Good thing is that the best was yet to come. We hit said bar for a bit, T-Pain was working some mad game on like eight bitches so we left. There was only one place to go at this hour which was around two in the morning, and that was to get some fucking tacos. Cactus Taco to be exact. We walked for what seemed like an eternity, but we made it. It was worth the trek through some grimy ass streets. It was alright though since drunk logic and fearlessness go hand in hand. Let me just say, these were some of the finest tacos I have had on the West coast. The 213 came through for this one in hardbody fashion. I got tacos al pastor (pork) and asada (beef), while RayRay got some beef tongue. It was everything a taco should be. No way you can go wrong with that place. If you are in the area, don’t even think twice about it. Just do it. Come see me when you do. Much better than all that wack ass Yashinoya bullshit I had to sit through last time I rolled down there with the crew. I will rage next time that happens when in the land of the Taco shop.

Saturday rolled through, and we also did a bunch of shit. We hit up a farmers’ market in the morning. I saw Tomas pet a goat. I did not pet the goat, for I do not enjoy touching random animals. For lunch we went to El Taurino, another highly rated taco joint. This place was straight up mex. When the place is packed with la Raza, it is usually a good indicator of how good the food will be, regardless of how dirty it looks. I went with the carne asada, Ray had more beef tongue tacos, and The Darkness had some chitlins. The joint reminded me of the Dick’s business model applied to tacos. It appears to work very well. Later in the evening we hit up some Korean place. It was alright, but that shit is way too expensive. The money we spent there would have garnered us at least two days worth of taco meals. After dinner we took a walk. Maybe this is just me, but anything outside of Hollywood looks straight up hood. We ended up at some random ass street fair. The street was closed off, and a stage had been set up. Seemed like some generic ass salsa/cumbia/mergengue group. We watched them for a bit. I focused all my attention the lone backup dancer/singer. Bitch was looking real nice and thick. Had some real sexy moves and would have smashed on her real hard.

We then went back to Tomas’ crib, got fucked up and played a game of Kings. Why do we partake in such a game? We all end up embarrassed. I think we were all assed out by 5AM, too bad we had to get up early the next morning to catch the flight. I wasn’t too hung over, but my stomach was killing me. It was the worst during take off, because I was in my seat sweating trying to hold back the urge to purge. Never again.

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip. I know I am missing some key events here and there. I would be glad to edit this post later, but for the time being this write up will do.



  1. Good lookin out, glad someone took the time to document your guys’s visit and I got to hear about what you two did while I was at work.

    Did you leave out a day? The one when Raymond ate half the tub of seafood dip and was sick the whole time and someone had to take a test the next week so they couldn’t partake in the activities either.
    Anyways, good times.

  2. Sounds like good times bro, sorry I missed the return to los angeles

  3. You shoulda ate here: on your way to Pepperdine. Definitely sounds like good times though. Apparently I didn’t try enough mexi food variety during my stay cause I had to look up what chitlins were….

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