Posted by: Pablo | November 12, 2008

Out Here Grindin’

Working like a Mexican

So after getting back from Europe I immediately started work at a new job based at South Seattle Community College, in West Seattle. “IT Specialist” is the title and it means I do all sorts of random stuff regarding IT. It is more laid back than my previous job at Mithun, but has much more upward mobility which is great. At Mithun IT was accessible at all times. At South, we work on our own terms. When I was shadowing coworkers, I noticed they would politely tell users to “fuck off”. Not those exact words but that was the core message. I was originally hired to take care of the Georgetown campus, which is a satellite campus for South. However, they turned it around and said I would be based at the main campus and then drive down to Georgetown whenever there was work to be done. Usually, I drive down once or twice a week.

Overall, I enjoy the job. I am learning new things such as working on servers, linux, switches, and ghost. If there is something I want to learn I can do so at anytime, which I really enjoy since it keeps things fresh. The only bad part is that there is a lot more politics and bullshit due to the size of the college. Since we are all classified employees and forced into union membership, everyone grows balls of steel and feels they are important even when they are not. It boils down to the heads of the school’s departments trying to beat each other into submission. IT gets stuck in the middle of it all. Thankfully, our director does not put up with anyone’s shit so it gives us some breathing room.

Now I will present you with my workspace at Georgetown. I have described it as a closet. It is not that small, but it is in a random ass location. You have to walk into a classroom first. It is just some door that looks like a janitor’s closet.

The outside of Building B, where my office is located

The outside of Building B, where my office is located

The Entrance

The Entrance
Yeah, my office is in a classroom

Yeah, my office is in a classroom

The Closet

The Closet

Another angle

Another angle

There are three buildings on the campus which are used for trade apprenticeship programs. Two buildings are fairly new and “green”. I get stuck into the oldest and most dilapidated of them all. Amazing. Do not worry, my office space at the main campus is your usual cubicle set up. The only thing that sucks is that I share a cube, but nowhere near as bad as I had imagined.

Building C

Building C

Building A

Building A

Thoughts on the Beast

Ever since getting my new job, I have been forced to drive everyday. This has put me in a tough spot with how I approach my pride and joy nowadays. I still love the beast, but I used to only drive it on the weekends where I could truly appreciate my car. However, now that I drive it everyday the allure of the beast has diminished. The car remains the same, but its purpose has changed. I feel as if the car is being wasted. To keep things interesting I have been driving it hard which is stupid and dangerous when there is a good amount of traffic on the roads. I have been thinking of getting something else. A beater, or something a little nicer. I have been eying some Lexus models since I have never owned anything “nice”. These are used cars mind you. If I were to buy something new it would be an Evo hands down, that thing is beast on too many levels. I figure at this point in my life I deserve a decent ride, not one built for the drag strip. Besides, most new cars nowadays are ridiculously fast right out of the dealer. It is like I need 400 horsepower at the wheels to even compete. Not to mention that my car is absurd on many levels. Trying to get a POS 20 year old car to keep up with better and new technology is difficult. Just look at the new BMW M3s. Unless I roll up in a Z06 with Intake/cams/headers/exhaust it would be hard to rape people on the streets in other real man cars.

This reminds me, now that I drive every day I get more attention from gross ass people. One time going south on I-5, a fucking Toyota 4runner kept revving next to me, the white boy douche bag even honked at me. He wanted to race, for some reason. No logic in his actions. I ignored it, because traffic was everywhere. Well, his douchebaggery attracted attention from a worthy opponent. None other than a mid-90s Toyota Camry. Awesome, because we all know that is the kind of action people want to see go down on the streets. The Camry weaved through traffic to line up with the 4runner and they were off. It is funny now that I think about it, but at the time I was just confused.


OK, there have been two times in the last few months where very flamboyantly homosexual men have hit on me in the most random spots.

Instance 1

I was helping my sister get ready for her drivers license test. It was essentially me sitting in the passenger’s seat while my sister drove around. Sometimes I would just fall asleep. One time my sister was driving and I was falling asleep when out of nowhere some gay guy yells, “YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HOT!” This dude was the epitome of the raver homos. Dude was decked out in a fishnet tank top, mini back pack, and those faggot ass Jnco Hardy Boy cargo pants.

Instance 2

Tonight I walked down into my building’s garage to throw out the trash and recycling. As I stood there picking out the glass bottles, a homo sees me the garage gate and asked, “Oooh, wanna come with me to the bathhouse? I would definitely pay your way.” I laughed and said no thanks. He just stared at me a few more seconds and then went on his way.

I am not sure what to make of all this gayness. It does not bother me at all, but goddamn these homos rush that shit down when given the chance. I just wish more females came at me hardbody like that, why must I do all the work?

Current Events

Oh yeah, so that black guy got elected. Si se puede? Good stuff. I hope black people take the ball and fucking run with it until they can no more. This is it. Granted, racism and socioeconomic disadvantage will always exist. However, Symbolism is powerful and it does not get much better than having one of your own in the White House after all this time. Politics in its purest form is empowerment. The time for bitching and moaning is over. Discourse. Action. If that does not happen, the opportunity will be lost. Obama had a more retarded childhood than most illegal Mexicans currently residing in the states. He embodies success in the face of adversity. Hell, a lot of black people refuse to accept him and he still hustled. The man is a machine. He should be considered a saint by all black people. Were a Mexican elected president, I can assure you Mexican households all over North America would have his picture next to their Virgin Mary statue. Guess we will have to wait and see.



  1. haha i’m diggin the new workspace…reminds me of where I worked at UW in their tech. dept…also you should just lead one of these gay guys along man and string em along for some free meals…perhaps get ’em to pay the lease on your new lexus for a few months…and then cut him loose and say you weren’t ready…copy the female strategy

  2. no lexus please, get an old s4 or something. you be throwin out the gay vibes in the wrong part of town. it is only a matter of time before you get raped.


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