Posted by: Pablo | August 17, 2008

D-Bo Stick


I have not had anything on my mind lately, just been taking it easy. And then one day it all changed. Big time. So I sit down with my boss to talk about some HR type issues. Then it turns out my contract runs out in October. Meaning, my ass is getting canned. What the motherfuck? Are you shitting me, is this shit for real? I have been at this place for over three years, working through school scrambling to wrap up credits for my wack ass degree only to be laid off a few months after graduating. Fucking bullshit. To be fair, things are not so good the architectural business. Some projects are simply on hold and people are left with nothing to do. Problem is since I am in the IT department, we have work to do no matter what. I guess they just bunch me in the overhead category and figure getting rid of me will save money, which is true but not fucking fair. Projections have come up short. But seriously, it is fucked up either way.

The worst part is there is nowhere for me to go and battle it out. Our team is constantly screwed. Three people to with an office IT needs is not enough and yet they feel the need to cutback. What am I supposed to do? “Aye dog, aye, yo man that balance sheet is wack son check it, you can afford to hire me as a fulltime employee!” I do not think that would work out very well and make me look stupid in the process. The white man’s economy always wins in the end.

Financially I am good. I can afford some time off. When I think about it, I have not had any breaks for almost five years. I could really use a month or two for complete and utter boredom. Then again, that Mexican work ethic must be quelled with constant cash flow. The grind for scrilla never ends. I have already applied an interviewed at a few places, so we will have to wait and see what happens. Next time, I am not taking anyone’s “word” on employment guarantees because this is exactly the type of shit that happens all the time in the private sector.


I have a very dirty mouth and it transpires through my writings. I do not know if this is good or bad. Thing is, if I were to hold back on the usage of such language it would not be authentic. I am all about keeping it real. I write this primarily for myself, and any amigos that happen to find my ramblings amusing. While I may come across as sexist, jingoistic, fascist, and racist, all these elements would make much more sense when people actually get to know me in real life. This is a disclaimer for those random people who happen to stumble upon my page, only to feel as if they have been kicked in the chest with a heavy dose of real talk, please believe.

The Olympics, and Why China is Awesome

China is beast. Plain and simple. The country and its people epitomize hardbody to the fullest. Take for example the little girl who lip synched during the opening ceremony. The lip synching itself was not the issue, but rather that the act took place because the original singer’s teeth were too ugly to appear on camera for the ceremony. Think about that for a second. Imagine that happening in the US. Uproar would arise from all around whether it is from hypocritical feminist groups, parents with ugly kids, and liberals finding some reason to correlate this with Tibet AND Dafur.

You see, countries like China get it and such actions give you a glimpse into the Chinese way of doing things. They know what needs to be done to achieve certain goals. Poor Chinese parents use most if not all of their annual income to send their kids to the best schools possible. There, the child studies constantly compete with other kids to be the best. The fruits of that country’s labor have begun to show. The country has a freakishly large and growing middle class that live in suburban styled “McMansions”, drive around in Mercedes sedans, and demand American made products to furnish their homes. China has been building up its human capital at an impressive rate with great success. You need to break some eggs to make an omelet, and they know this to the fullest. Much different from the US method where kids are taught to be pussies and fat asses. My respect to China because when your country is on the spot everything better be perfect. No time to fuck around having ugly ass kids ruining opening ceremonies.

That is all for now. I just got back from Vegas earlier in the week. I will write a little bit about that, but at a later time.




  1. hahahaha, that scandal was hilarious…funny how it seemed like the media made it as if it really ‘scarred’ the olympics…it’s a shame, but get over it…haha anyways sry bout the bad news on the job man…that is some cold shit. Korea could always use some loving from the Mexican side…you’d definetly be a hit…eaaaaasy money!


    Thought you might find that amusing given your contempt for the Puerto Rican people

  3. Yeah I had read about that too. I may just devote an entire post to that stupid ass news story.

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