Posted by: Pablo | July 12, 2008


I wanted to write something about finally leaving UW, but I was unable to come up with anything thought provoking.  It appears that the experience had left me somewhat jaded.  One of the things I realized is that there was a point in time where I hated school with a furious passion.  This was probably the first two years at UW when I came in with the “I need to go to engineering or business school” mindset.  I spent hours staring at my books with out any goddamn motivation to learn anything.  When in reality I did not care about any of that stuff.  It went in one ear and out the other.  I retained jack shit of the material which sure as hell made negative impact on my GPA.  Unfortunately I spent the next three years digging myself out this hole.

So where the hell did it go wrong?  Honestly, I was not ready for a university setting.  I certainly enjoyed the atmosphere, but academically it was a terrible mistake.  Deep down I was hoping I did not get into UW while still in high school, which sounds terrible, but I had a gut feeling it was going to reign hell on me which it eventually did.  I had originally wanted to just go the community college route, because I knew for a fact that it would be easy street and then transfer.  All I ever wanted was a less than shitty degree.  I would have gladly taken a business degree from community college.  I know, it does not sound overly ambitious at all but it was certainly a more realistic approach.   At least that route would have been easier and a little more focused.  All I took away from UW was a random ass political science degree that is a little less shitty and worthless than something in communications.  Also, I am now a mid-tier Marvel vs Capcom 2 player thanks to all my training at the HUB.

I am not really sure what sort of conclusion to make about the experience.  A failure or a success?  I would like to think a little bit of both.  It would have been a complete failure if I were still working at that Jiffy Lube by University Village.  So I guess it was not so bad.  I have definitely matured a lot, and if I had the chance to do it all over again knowing what I know now, the outcome would have been much different.  None of my success has ever been a direct result of my book smarts so it is not that big a deal.  It was just a lot of time and money that could have resulted in a more satisfying outcome.

Also, I would just like to point out that I was proud to get a degree in a subject I do care about and enjoy a great amount.  It came naturally to me, and I really mean everything I ever said and wrote about in those political science courses.  I know there were some people in those classes who heard what I had to say and thought to themselves, “Is this guy for real?”  Yes dipshits, I was for real and always am, please believe.  Some of you may have noticed I do not even bother engaging anyone in a political discussion because I do not feel like destroying people.  I would rather sit back and decipher other people’s views.  I read people like books.  I guess just get me drunk enough to the point where I do engage you, which would be quite the spectacle.  From the start I knew I was very unlike the other forty thousand (at least it feels like it) UW polisci students who graduated this year with law school ambitions and hopes of selling out to the man.   Then again, I have always wanted a big house and Z06 Corvette, so I will need to swallow my pride kiss up to the man at one point.



  1. that banner is badass

  2. well said. it’s funny how something so hyped up in society doesn’t feel like much once you’re all done with it…either way man congrats on sticking it through until the end. success is the next step…

  3. I am always entertained by your blogs Pablo. Keep up the good work!

  4. Do you ever look back and think, like…. Ron Howard – maybe he wasn’t Presidential material after all!

    • Haha yeah I do. A breath of fresh air isn’t always the fix.

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