Posted by: Pablo | June 4, 2008

The Final Countdown

Vale Tudo en Luta livre

I am not sure if people had ever picked up on this, but I am a closet MMA fanatic. I love it, and one of these days I am going to do it. I like every single aspect of it but the training is what I find the most appealing. The guys do cardio, grapple, and hit the bags damn near all week long. Hell, their resistance training is hardbody. They do not sit there bench pressing all day long. Far from it. They do crazy old school shit like swing a sledge hammer into tires, handstand push ups, and climb ropes upside down. I love that stuff, because it creates real explosive strength needed to toss people around and fuck them up. Seriously, what kind of free weight exercise could work the muscles needed to climb a rope upside down. Anyone who can do that has a serious level of “destrucity” at their disposal. I feel like taking people out just thinking about this stuff.

Lately, I have been craving it even more than usual. I have been following the sport since before it became mainstream, Pride 6 to be exact. This was back when Mark Kerr and Vitor Belfort were supposed to be the future of the sport. We all know how that turned out. So yeah, that was way back in the days of using mIRC to get my fix. Nowadays I can find the stuff with ease, which is great. I get extremely hyped with every MMA event out there and constantly check the event cards. Lots of good stuff coming from all over the place. Japan has several organizations since the collapse of Pride. UFC picked up lots of great fighters recently and even the smaller US MMA orgs put on good cards. What can I say, I like watching half naked men punch each other in the face. Guess I really enjoy violence, and I have yet to determine if that is a good or bad thing. Perhaps, I can finally put my awesome cardio and rage to use this summer when I graduate since will have nothing to do but work. Who knows, definitely something I will consider in the very near future. My only concern is other fighters aiming for my nose and breaking it. That is pretty fucking funny now that I think about it. I would probably do the same if I were in their shoes.

Last week at UW

Fuck. Last week ever. Sort of crazy but it is about time. Five years of UW have certainly been interesting. Perhaps later I shall write something a little more reflecting on my experience. For the time being I am just taking it pretty easy. I only have one official final exam so I have been coasting for the last few weeks. It has gotten to the point where I do not really care. There is no real attachment between the school and myself. Maybe if I gave a shit about school sports I may be more sympathetic towards the UW but that is not the case either. I feel this way…wait did I just say “feel”? What the fuck is that pansy ass shit? Man I need to watch how I say things. I need to keep it hardbody for you all. Sorry about that slip up. Anyways, as I was saying, I have no real bond to UW. I think a lot of if has to do with the fact that I have been working damn near the whole time. I have had glimpses of the “real” world and it definitely comes across as more appealing than “learning”. It has a lot to do with those fat paychecks.

I know someone out there is going think I am wrong, but trust me I am not. People always say “I wish I was still in school”. That is fine, but for me my time in school was also a lot of time at spent working. My experiences are not equivalent to those of white kids whose parents handed them everything on a silver platter. I am not bitter about it either, rather, I am not a bitch about such things. I am doing pretty well compared to most mexi-fries so no complaints here. I am top tier as far as I’m concerned and that is all that matters. GGPO UW!

Brazil vs. Canada / Drinking

I was fairly excited about this game. Not really because of Brazil, but rather that it would be the designated day to get wasted with the homies. It was a blast and definitely one to remember. We met up at my place around 5:30PM. Tomas and Claire had already started drinking before they arrived at my place. Raymond, Ben, and I soon followed in the drinking madness. We all pounded shots. I lost track but it was a fair amount. We head out to catch a bus to Chinatown and I am already buzzed talking all loud like your typical minority. Luckily there was no one on the bus so I did not have to make any white people feel awkward. Immediately after arriving Ben and I buy two beers each. The game barely started and I am drunk. It was difficult paying attention to the game but still entertaining since I was drunk as fuck.

Unfortunately, the crowd was sort of lame. I thought it was going to be almost sold out. The majority of the crowed consisted of families. The section we sat in was boring because of this fact. The Mexico vs. China game had an intense atmosphere which completely dwarfed this lame ass crowd. This game needed a lot more drunk Mexicans to complete the authentic futbol atmosphere. I am going to convince my friends to go to the next Mexico game at Qwest Field. Just think about it, 56,000 Mexicans screaming their lungs out, cheering and jeering whenever possible. Crowd waves occurred at a high frequency. It was just all out craziness for the whole 90 minutes. Despite the lack of crowd enthusiasm, the game was fun.

Afterwards we met up with some more people and went to Cha Cha’s. Never been there before but it was cool. Afterwards we went to Barca. Soon after leaving that bar Tomas puked next to a garbage can. What is awesome is that both of these bars were walking distance from my place, which further emphasizes just how good of a location I live in. Good fucking day and night. I wish the best for Tomas in his future computer science endeavors.


The last section brings me to something I have been meaning to discuss. From the few times I have gone bar hopping around my area, I noticed that I do not fit in with the hipster/bitch ass crowd. Every time I go into one of these places I notice people looking at me. I walk in with my Nike shirts and Dickies shorts. They probably sense that I don’t give a fuck about fair trade coffee, polar bears dying in the arctic, or sweatshops. Perhaps I come off as a little too hardbody? I myself do not think so, but I guess since all the guys wear dingy ass clothing from Value Village and bought their jeans from the women’s department I should not be too concerned. This causes me to come across as an outsider. Not that it matters, I always stick out, even amongst my own people. I just found it interesting considering I live in an area packed with these bitch ass “latte liberals” you can only find in the Capitol hill/ Broadway area. Guess I need to keep it real as much as possible. At least there is the War Room in which the minorities reign supreme.

Iron Maiden: Somewhere Back in Time Tour 2008

One of the greatest moments of my life yet. Amazing. Phenomenal. Monumental. Legendary.

Here was their set:

Aces High
Two Minutes to Midnight
The Trooper
Wasted Years
Number of the Beast
Can I Play with Madness
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (ALL 14 MINUTES OF IT!)
Heaven Can Wait
Run to the Hills
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
The Clairvoyant

This was the perfect concert. I do not think I will ever see a show as epic as this one ever. They covered most of their best material. Everything went off without a hitch. For a bunch of fifty year olds these guys put many of today’s bands to shame. What was even better is that I met up with Peter and his friend. Brian “The Asian Sensation” was the designated driver, as well as an avid Maiden fan. We stopped by a Taco Bell, where I chugged a beer in the bathroom. Before going into the show I drank another beer plus a can of Tilt. Perfect buzz for the show. I cannot get over just how amazing everything was. I even bought a shirt for the staggering price of $35. I did not care, this was Iron Fucking Maiden. No way in hell I was missing this show and nothing was going to ruin it for me. Hell, I even lost my glasses somewhere in the amphitheater. Not like I cared since I had just seen the greatest show of my life.

Safe to say, my last week of school has also been one of the best. Well played sir.



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  2. I visited Washington last year and I must agree that the common citizen ranks 1/10 on the hardbody scale.

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