Posted by: Pablo | April 24, 2008

Spring Quarter

Senioritis: Spring Edition

So this quarter has started. All in all my professors are good and not complete dipshits so that is great news. I want to end my final quarter at UW on a good note. One of my classes is Political Economy which is interesting. We look at economic concepts in depth even though such concepts are already easily explained with fairly simple ECON 200 equations. The other is American Foreign Policy since World War II. That class further reaffirms the fact that the US is beast and the greatest country in the world despite all of its flaws. Good stuff all around. However, some introductory remarks from one of the professors bothered me a little and reminded me that sometimes professors regard themselves as being all powerful, when in fact they are not.

I am talking about professor intimidation towards their students. Oftentimes professors make some backhanded comments regarding their students with regards to the difficulty of the course. They will say something along the lines of, “The class is full right now but I expect many people to drop when they look at the syllabus”, and then proceed to chuckle in a nonchalant manner. Are you fucking kidding me? Am I really supposed to be scared of your bitch ass? First off, do these professors just assume I am paying out the ass for a class I randomly signed up for? I spend a good amount of time making up my schedule because as a lot of you know I do not dick around with my time. Cash rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M.). Do these motherfuckers think I willingly spend over $1000 dollars for five credits without having a fucking clue of what I am getting into? Some of these professors are softer than a set of pussy lips, and yet they insist on using such petty scare tactics. It is difficult to contain all this pent up minority rage and not use my Mexican judo skills for great justice. Do not get me wrong, there are some beastly classes out there. The problem being that some of these professors need to stop set trippin’.

Thoughts on Women’s Fashion

Usually, I am not very opinionated on women’s fashion. Usually, a hot female is hot regardless of what she is wearing. Clothes do not automatically give you sexy time swag. That being said, there seems to be a trend with females and boots. Not just any boots, “women in uniform” type boots; with buckles and everything. I find this to create a warm and fuzzy feelings in my pants-instant bonerization. This in combination with those tight jeans being sold nowadays is a fucking win-win situation. How the fuck did wack ass bell bottom jeans even make that comeback a few years ago? These tight jean and boot combos really show off the goods in a much more discreet, yet sexy manner. Ladies, please keep wearing these items because it is hot. I usually check out females from the bottom up, so such a clothing combination is an automatic 2 points on my hotness scale.

Pablo Joins the Next Generation…

In other news, I bought a next-gen console. I got myself the Elite Xbox 360. I wanted to play Call of Duty 4, and Grand Theft Auto is coming out next week. It was time to take the plunge. So far so good. There is tons of content via xbox live and whatnot. Playing FPS games online can be pretty fun, and not having to spend $700 in computer upgrades to play the latest games is a plus. To hell with PC gaming, that shit went out of style in back in 1996.

My only gripe is that all these new consoles are really expensive, reaching almost absurd levels. I remember barely being able to afford an N64 back in the day for must have games but at least I got instant gratification from such purchases. Perhaps I am just getting older and no longer have that need for the latest and greatest consoles despite having the cash to burn on them. How a kid nowadays can even afford something like the PS3 or Xbox 360 is beyond me. I guess that is why the Wii is sold out everywhere.

That is all for now. Keep hitting those switches whilst slapping them bitches.



  1. Is that joo dunno if I got a gun, joo dunno if I got a knife?

  2. Thanks Julian, I appreciate how your comment adds to the minoritization of my blog.

  3. ohh, yo, ohh nooo man, what up dunn?
    yo where’ve you been at man?
    yo we need you man
    you gotta put out that knowledge
    kick that street knowledge g

  4. “instant bonerization” haha

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