Posted by: Pablo | March 31, 2008

Spring Break Events

Breakz time

This was the first quarter in which I had a serious case of senioritis. I stopped keeping up with any of the readings/assignments halfway into the quarter. The only time I reviewed anything was before the midterms and finals. To my surprise, it actually worked out fine. I think I would have gotten the same grades had I actually tried. I officially completed all of my Political Science credits that I needed. I only need nine credits to graduate and be done with school for the time being. The best part is a Pablo that is making full time money is a very happy Pablo. My time is money, and fools need to recognize this. School is currently stopping me from making money. Who would have thought?

I got to hang out with “Los Gheys” too and that is always a good thing. We ate at some Korean barbecue place in Federal Way. It was all you can eat; the only bad part is that you have to cook the meat yourself. I mean damn, I am trying to grub and these cats want me to cook that shit up? I am all for authenticity and shit, but that goes out the window when I am on a mission to eat. All this aside, it was delicious. I took a massive dump the next day because of it. Good shit, literally!

Another event was me going to Burbank, California with La Familia. It was randomly amusing. I did not want to go because I knew it would cut into my work hours. Yes that sounds terrible but I enjoy watching those zeroes in my bank account grow. We went to Universal Studios. Apparently, if you buy a ticket it is good for the entire year. Thing is it is not transferable because they finger print your ass. I guess if you live down there it may be worth it. Highlights include a terrible, yet hilarious picture of me and La Familia on the Jurassic Park ride. Another was getting my parents on “The Mummy” ride which is actually a pretty beastly roller coaster that goes backwards. My parents were not too pleased, but shit was hilarious.

Anyways, while it was probably obvious to a lot people, California is officially Mexico junior. I have not been down there in a few years, but this time around the amount of Latinos was overwhelming. I can speak Spanish anywhere I please. I do not even think I could live around that many Mexicans and not be annoyed. No wonder people fucking hate my people so much down there. Regardless, I do not care. California was never US soil to begin with, so that take that white people and deal with it. Now, if only my people would go to school and play “the game” properly we would probably be voting for a Latino in the White house and not Black Obama. At least he used “Si Se Puede” translated into “Yes We Can” to get us minorities hyped. Anyways, the Latino situation down there is serious. However, those of you who do not like my people that much can rest assured that such heavily concentrated Latino populations only reside in 10 states or so. So yeah, it will be a while until we take over for sure. Such a thought is scary, and that is coming from a Mexican’s point of view. I do not see Latinos reaching the White man power status for an extremely long time. Large population numbers can only take you so far. I mean, just because I handle my business does not mean others can. This is because I am top tier, please believe.

In other news, I downloaded the entire Bone Thugs N Harmony discography. One of the best downloads ever.

Automotive Advice:

If you know your alternator is dying, CHANGE IT ASAP.

That is all for today.



  1. Good read sir. Your blogs are very entertaining. Good look!

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