Posted by: Pablo | March 10, 2008

I can’t stop it’s all I know, from a youngin I was taught get dough…

I am a little late in writing about this, but who gives shit I will do it anyway. On February 20, 2008 I decided to take ride the number 49 bus home, because I did not feel like running and catching up to the 43. To my surprise, Eric also happened to be on the bus. This was exciting, I never run into any of the homies while on the bus. We chat for a bit, mostly about how fucked up he was on his birthday. No more than two stops later something happened. There was an ugly ass Native American looking guy sitting in the back, probably shit faced off that fire water. I saw him right when I got on the bus, because I always keep on eye on minorities. Nothing out of the ordinary, there are tons of these fools downtown.

Anyway, after two stops or so, this particular Native said, “oh shit” and then proceeded to waddle off the bus in a peculiar fashion. As he passed by us, I could smell that Steel Reserve he probably drank before boarding the bus. However, after he had made his way past us, I got a whiff of something quite putrid. It smelled like one of those watery, diarrhea type shits you get when you drink way too much the previous night. I hear some snickering coming from the back. Lo and behold, that dirty ass Native literally shat himself, and the watery bowl movement seeped through his pants, and on to the seat. It was hilarious, because it was maybe a one inch skid mark at the most, and the smell was exceptionally strong. So, by protocol it seemed, the bus driver called a supervisor. There I am, laughing my ass off with Eric, waiting for some unlucky bastard to clean that shit up. I could have walked home by this point, but I did not. I wanted to enjoy the moment for as long as possible. It was exactly the type of randomness I love to experience. This is the stuff great stories are made of. This experience actually made its way on The Stranger, which I found hilarious because I actually emailed the editor of Last Days, and he responded by telling me that someone else had already wrote him about it. Awesomeness. Click here and scroll down.

This also reminds me, homeless people annoy me.  They piss me off when they smell like shit and happen to ride the same bus as I do.  For example, the other day while going to work.  Some guy smelling like BO and shit got on the bus.  This fucker knew he smelled like shit too, yet kept a pretty nonchalant demeanor the whole time while the people surrounding him made faces.  Usually I do not care but the temperature, humidity, along with the barometric pressure were in perfect conjunction with one another so that this motherfucker’s aroma was at its peak.  Even worse, that fucking disgusting scent stuck onto my clothes for the rest of the day.  Seriously, how fucking disgusting must you be to let shit get that bad.  I would have washed myself in a McDonald’s bathroom at some point before I walked around in the scent of death.  Fuck that guy.

In other news, I learned how to cook something. It is a food item that every manly man should know how to make for themselves when they don’t have a woman to do it for them. The item is none other than the almighty steak.

I actually did some research on steak, and I realized everyone and their mom has some sort of opinion on how to make it properly. There seemed to be those who have good advice, and those who are elitist pricks. Just from what I read on a few sites, there is always someone insisting you not put anything on steak, that you should only use aged meat, and USDA Prime. That is fine and dandy, but unfortunately I don’t have “Franco’s Butcher Shop” down the fucking block, and I must make due with whatever I can get my hands on. I don’t have time to waste when I am hungry. I got some good marinade recipes online; specifically McCormick’s which is delicious.

In order to cook the steak, I use the cast iron skillet with the 500 degree oven assist. I actually got this technique from the forums of all places. You stick your cast iron skillet in the oven, and then set it for 500 degrees. After it reaches that temp, set your heating element to the highest setting. Put the skillet on the burner and I just seer all the sides of the steak until you are satisfied. Then, put the skillet in the oven, and cook each side for around two minutes. I usually leave it on longer, because I like chewing meat. Not a big fan of rare. This method gives you a medium to medium-well level of doneness. Maybe I will learn to cook something else, like chicken. For the time being, I will just eat steak whenever I can get some meat.

Here is what it looks like:

Meaty Goodness

In other news, Rick Ross released his album, “Trilla”. Go download it, some of those tracks you just need to bump at maximum volume. Even Mannie Fresh had to make an appearance, that right there is quality beat making.

You ain’t gotta guess, it’s me and Mannie Fresh/
You know we gettin’ money by the way a nigga dress/

Cop that shit, it is hot like fire.

This is all for now, next week is finals. I do not care about school anymore, senioritis to the max. Please believe.



  1. Steak is a wild and mysterious beast, based on the fact that there are about 1,000 different ways to prepare it. Yours looks good though, anything that isn’t burnt to a crisp is golden in my book.

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