Posted by: Pablo | February 6, 2008

Most Epic Post Ever

I moved out.

It has finally happened. I got my own place and am no longer living with la familia. It is what I have been working on for the past few months. Endless trips to Home Depot, moving, fixing, assembling, and even breaking shit; it has all finally come to an end. At the end of my post I will put up some pictures. Just keep in mind, we improved everything. It is practically unrecognizable from the day I bought it.

I moved in a few weeks ago, but only until now have I revealed this fact to you all. My father and I have been scheming about such a move for a while. As some of you may know, I was willing to swallow my pride and move out from my parent’s into my own until I had the money to do so (picture me at home in my early 30s, not good). After some consideration, we decided it may be better to take a chance on a small bachelor pad which I can live in, rent out, or inherit to my younger sister several years from now. Hopefully it all works out, I still want my own house where I can listen to Iron Maiden and Darude – Sandstorm with the volume turned up to the maximum in a 5,000 watt receiver.

Now, let us discuss some details about my new residence. It is not big, a little under 500 square feet in total. It is a one bedroom condo. One half is the living room and kitchen, while the other is the bedroom and bath. All separated by a strange wall and double pocket doors. There are no hallways, so that is why the place is not so big. However, the pocket doors come in handy because with both opened the place does not look so small. I have all new stainless steel appliances, and a washer and dryer in the living room closet. I have all I need within my unit. Best thing is there is a garage for my car to rest in. Parking in the area is a luxury, one I am lucky enough to have. The spot is not very large, but the beast fits, and my car does not scrape or bottom out as I enter the garage. There were many places I looked at in which I would bottom out and cringe as I entered the various garages.

Location wise, it is top tier. It is in the homoerotic, bleeding liberal heart of Capitol Hill. It is on 11th Ave between Denny and Howell. In front of Cal Anderson Park, or one block east of the grimy ass Jack in the Box where speaking Spanish is mandatory. The cool thing is that in front of my building there is back-in angle parking, so visitors are not screwed out of parking, for the most part. I can walk downtown in twenty minutes.

With regards to the whole transition from “home” to my place, it has been a little strange. It is not like I moved in with 6 other roommates, the entire place is mine and I have complete control over everything. I really do miss my family, as emo as that may sound. Unlike most ungrateful accidental children here in the US, I actually have a great respect and admiration for my parents. I did not move out because I could not get a long with them or anything of the sort. As a lot of you have seen in the past, my parents are pretty fucking awesome and extremely understanding. Hell, even my sister is a great source of entertainment. I would simply stop by in her room and be entertained for as long as I wanted. At times I feel like the backbone of the family and the most difficult part is not being there for them whenever they want. Whether it is spell checking something for my father, helping my sister with her homework, or making fun of my mom, I have progressed to the next stage of life. The immediate familial interactions of the past will change no matter how hard I try. Great thing is I can drive back home in two minutes. Crazy how things work out.


Just a few things to note. Those granite slabs in the kitchen, we hauled those up three flights of stairs. They were awkward to move and seemed to way well over 200 pounds. They look sexy as hell.

The bathroom was completely redone. The old bathroom had a shitty tub, we pulled it out and had a family connection to a stone mason who installed the marble shower and glass doors.

Wood floors all around, replaced the crappy carpet.

All new cabinets and closet doors.

Painted all the walls.

Granite window sills, very sexy time.

This is where we throw down on the sticks. No HDTV yet, because I prefer to play Marvel and Super Turbo without lag.

I do not think wordpress allows embedding from twango.

Go here for more pics!





  1. WTF is this, your bonus must have been tier 0

  2. did you pick up some migrant workers from home depot as well? ooooh snapz! on the real tho KUDOS! and i bees feelin you on that family stuff. dont forget to check out me and tpain’s blog homie.

  3. Dope spot, way better than my shitty apartment.

  4. I would say your place is nice (because it is) but as you’ve been nothing but a markass buster after moving in by not inviting me over, yet wanting me to go to Yakima to pick up your cab, I am not saying SHIT.

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