Posted by: Pablo | August 31, 2007


Adventure Week 2007

The Cabin

This part was lots of fun, primarily because of just how wasted I got on the first day/night of being there.  It is definitely a lot more fun when all of your amigos participate in the drinking.  Usually, I tend to be the only one who delivers the goods but this trip gave everyone the opportunity to shine.  Unfortunately, going big on the first night, smoking half a pack of cigs, and puking sort of made me not want to drink the next day.  The hangover was terrible, but at least I only puked once the next morning. 

Speaking of the next morning there is a funny story to tell.  I was in a very vulnerable state, walking took a lot of effort and my breathing was off.  Simply put, I was a wreck. So I am there sitting on the couch feeling like a sack of shit when that nigga “Ray Ray” sits down next to me.  We are chillin’ like villains when all of a sudden he farts.  For the most part such bodily functions do not bother me because I do them all the time.  However, this just so happened to be the most foul smelling gas I have ever smelled.  Please keep in mind that I was so hung over that even breathing took effort.  No matter what I did I could not evade the smell because I was too weak to get up and flee the scene.  I almost puked, but I was able to minimize the effects of such a wretched scent by at least getting up and moving my nostrils away from the wickedness.

In conclusion, while there is not much to do over there, the most impressive aspect to me was the scenery.  It seems crazy to me that you drive four hours and still happen to be within Washington State.  I guess I am too used to driving up and down I-5. The roads were nice, and would have been much more fun in a car like the beast.  Too much body roll in the 3.8 liters of fury known as the Windstar. 

EVO Worlds in Las Vegas      

Lots of stuff went down in Vegas, most of it awesome.  Let me just say right off the bat that Jie is one of the stupidest motherfuckers ever.  First off, he decides to take a small amount of cash on hand, his argument being that “cash is obsolete”.  Did this nig seriously think cabs would take credit cards?  All of the ATMs at the Green Valley Ranch charge 10% of whatever you take out.  It was hard to not sock him in the face.  Why the fuck do I even bother to hang out with this tool.  Secondly, he gets owned severely at a strip club.  He asks for the champagne room that costs $300, little did he know they also charge you an extra $300 for the champagne itself.  To top things off it was a shitty stripper that would not even let him touch her boobies.  In desperate need of that vagina, he asks if she is willing to meet somewhere. They supposedly arrange to meet at Motel 6, but the bitch never shows!  I can just imagine him sitting there, sad, blue balled, and on the verge of throwing himself off a bridge because some stripper bailed on his bitch ass. Fucking FAIL. In retrospect, such ridiculous stories are exactly why I endure his company.  I could not make this shit up even if I tried. 

Moving along… the Green Valley Ranch is a pretty nice hotel.  It is huge and takes 10 minutes of non-stop walking to get anywhere.  Thing is, it has everything inside of it so that you never have to leave.  This is both good and bad because the only thing missing is a damn convenience store.  We had to walk about 2 miles in 90 degree weather to get to the nearest one.  Otherwise, there was a Panda Express in the food court.  I do not give a fuck what anybody says, you have to be one elitist prick to not like orange chicken. 

As for the tournament itself, it was one of the most insane and intense experiences ever.  I got to play a ton of games at a high level.  There were a few supergun setups running shit from X-men vs. Street Fighter, Alpha 3, Breakers Revenge, to Garou: Mark of the Wolves.  The best part was that I did not suck at most of these games and put up a fight, particularly in Garou and Alpha 3.  I did not know who I was playing, but at this level everyone can kick ass.  One of the highlights in casual play was getting the chance to fight Clockwork, the Strider/Doom master of Mvc2.  I played him for around 20 minutes and it was crazy.  I did not win a single game, but I almost did.  That is good enough for me, seeing as how in one match I experienced his perfect strider/doom trap firsthand. I could not get out and he chipped my Sentinel to death.  It was an honor. 

Regarding actual pool play, I entered Mvc2, 3rd strike, ST, and CvS2.  That is a lot of games, but it worked out because it gave me something to look forward to each day of the tourney.  3s was bullshit, since so many people entered that the matches were not the usual 2/3, but only one match.  First guy I played was Remy, which sounds good on paper but all you have to do is keep me away.  Hugo cannot get in if you just throw sonic booms.  Lame, but smart on his part for doing so.  In the losers bracket I fought a very good Dudley.  Fuck this game.  OK not really, but I still do not like it very much.

CvS2 was actually pretty fun.  This game was also only one match, but the game takes forever so that is understandable.  Again I did not make it out of the pool, but for someone who only practiced the game at a high level for two days with William, I am proud of the fact that I came close to winning both of my matches.  The game will now be at those Friday tournaments at Zach’s and I look forward to improving in this game.

ST was intense.  I did not make it to the top 40 like my fellow Team Seattle members Julien and Nate, but it was still lots of fun.  I lost to Vega, my fucking worst enemy in this game.  I had it, but could not pull through.  One of the highlights was being able to land Ryu’s jumping up+strong juggle into the super fireball. 

In Marvel, my first opponent was none other than Combofiend.  I have seen this guy in videos all the time and now I am fighting him at Evo.  Fucking great.  Needless to say he whooped me, his Magnus is amazing and off to the losers’ bracket I go.  Then I actually managed to rape two people in a row and they were using some nasty ass teams too.  Some sort of Blackheart/commando type teams.  I landed my patented Colossus setups in the corner several times.  I hope I traumatized those fuckers because I was pissed off and on a mission.  Lastly, I fight some dirty Mexican playing on a fucking pad.  Seeing as he was a dirty Mexican I was not surprised, maybe I was in such shock at these dirty tactics that I lost. 

Overall the experience was a lot of fun.  Now there is even talk here in Seattle of creating a regional Northwest fighting game tournament.  I will probably be playing street fighter until I am married (35+), so seeing these old ass games get larger and larger audiences brings a tear to my eye.  OK not really, but it is still cool nonetheless.  I will definitely be going to Evo for many years to come.  It was a nice mix of gaming, randomness, and meeting people you have only talked to on a forum.  Now I am wondering why I did not bother going to past Evos, it is impossible to not have fun on such trips.

Random Rant

With the ever increasing popularity of MMA in the states, one annoyance has arisen for me.  It seems to me that nowadays people think that because they took one jiu jitsu class or saw a video that they think they can fight.  Do people not understand just how much training goes into being an MMA fighter, or any athlete for that matter?  I find it especially funny with fat ass out of shape mofos try to spit knowledge on choking fools out.  Good luck trying to shoot on fools or going for the armbar while on concrete.  Some people just need to shut the fuck up.  Also, if you guys have not seen the Couture/Gonzaga fight, you must.  It was an amazing display of strategy and ownage.



  1. I still can’t believe you lost to a Mexican on a PAD. What team was he playing?

  2. His name was Sergio, Preppy told me he is a good player so I did not feel as bad.

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