Posted by: Pablo | July 6, 2007


 You know what sucks?  HDTV’s that is what.  If someone is willing to spend $2000+ on a decent set, you would expect a monitor that does anything and everything you tell it to do.  The problem is, if you get an HDTV that displays at something like 1080p, your HDTV will try to upscale every fucking signal you plug into it.  As it literally does the math for the image upscale, you get lag from signals that are not originally intended to be displayed at such high resolutions.  This means any game console that is not a PS3 or an Xbox 360 will have an image with lag.  Fucking bullshit, hopefully they start making monitors that allow you to set its native resolution from 480i-1080p on the fly.  Maybe I can track something down that deals with these annoying issues.  Seeing all those nice HDTV’s at Best Buy sure makes me want one, but lag is unacceptable. 

On my way home, merging onto I-5 at a ridiculous speed, I noticed a bright yellow car.  It was none other than a Saleen Mustang.  I boost like a crazy bastard to be ready for him, because he saw me gun it and proceeded to do the same.  He had a lot more room to pick up speed but I did not care, I wanted to give it a shot.  He gets about half a car length on me because he had more momentum than me at the time, but before we can really go at it we hit traffic.  The crazy bastard driving the stang then moved across four lanes, because he almost missed his exit.  It was a brief encounter, but lots of fun while it lasted.  This all happened in broad day light and I am sure we scared and pissed off lots of people.  Sorry, but sometimes you just got to do it. 

After going to Gameworks for a bit and five minutes away from home a fucking gnat, or something stupid small, flew into my goddamn eye.  For five minutes straight I am shifting and steering with one hand and scratching my eye with the other.  Good thing I had a water bottle handy so I opened it up and fucking poured that shit on my face.  I must have looked extremely retarded with half my t-shirt soaked, but eventually I was able to see and drive properly.  Fucking random. 


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