Posted by: Pablo | July 5, 2007

Summer / Randomness

            I have been meaning to update this thing for the longest time.  Surprisingly, I have been kept pretty busy despite the monotonous nature of simply working full time. Lately I have been playing a lot of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, quite possibly the greatest, if not the greatest fighting game ever.  I have been playing these games since the early 90’s, but only until recently have I had the opportunity to play some of the best players out there.  The game is over 10 years old and it is still hot, like fire.  If anything, 3rd Strike is losing a lot of its appeal to me.  It is fun and all, but is really fucking boring at the highest level of play.  MVC2 casuals are still a lot of fun, but at the tourney level it is the most frustrating game ever.  I pride myself in my courage and heart, but when you have to face Santhrax every other fucking match, I may as well give my money to the top 3 players.  It’s all good though; I’m a fucking beast and can take whatever gets thrown at me.  No pain, no gain.

            In an unrelated note, it has finally dawned upon me that this will be my last “summer break” ever.  Well, that is if I can get a meager 29 credits this coming school year.  Despite having a degree unrelated to my current job, the work experience I am earning is buff to the max.  I would not mind staying at Mithun for a while to save up and give me time to decide what the hell I am supposed to do later on in life.  I guess what sucks the most about this whole “growing up” process is that a good portion of the homies will leave Sea-town forever.  I saw this coming a while ago, but it still fucking sucks.  No matter what, the homies will be thousands of miles away and makes it difficult to keep close ties.  I guess it’s an incentive to travel more often, and traveling is pretty fresh.

            Only thing I really need to do this summer is dyno/tune my car.  Set it and forget it, and proceed to drive the shit out of it.  If anything, I have been craving a low-rider, or a Lincoln Continental Mk. IV, but these cars big and manly.  The size of Seattle’s pussy ass hippy parking spots are custom made for girly cars like the Prius.  I guess a motorcycle would be more practical and allow me to be stuntin’ like my daddy.

           Apologies if this post is somewhat politically correct, nothing has been on my mind lately since things have been nice and relaxed.  However, let us take this moment of celebration via the 4th of July, to reemphasize how the US the most fucking bad ass and best country in the world.  You know I am right, do not make me tea bag you.


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